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Graduation Gift Card Envelope Boxes

Here's a favorite gift box for the Class of 2016.

Very classy gift card box for Devon featuring a double layered cutout name and

a sharp looking photo cutout from his graduation photo shoot.

I love these deep maroon, black and white boxes but we can make them in any colors.

graduation gift card money envelope box 2016

graduation gift card box class of 2017

graduation gift card box

graduation gift card box in black and gold BLAKE

graduation gift card money box

Graduation Gift Card Boxes with photo cutouts and themed designs

custom made just to your specifications.

baseball gift box   football gift card box

football graduation gift card box      

 flower gift box   

graduation card box Faith    music gift card box


Michigan State gift box for Ryan     Ryans gift box for Walled Lake Central and NMU

basketball gift card box with real net      

grad gift box

These gift card envelope boxes can be elaborate or simple and have no photos or lots!

simple gift card box   simple name and logo on this gift box

We can do just names, logos or add photo cut-outs.

graduation hat with name   graduation hat with name and photo


Whatever style works for you we can do.

Super big gift card boxes for lots of photos or lots of different graduates.

​There was a card slot above each letter and the inside was divided

into separate compartments for each graduate.


graduation gift card box

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