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Party Decorations, Signs and Centerpieces by Marlyss and Stacey

Bat Mitzvah Gift Card Boxes for any theme.

super hero gift card money box for a comic themed party

palindrome reflection gift card box Raya

A gift card money box for a Bat Mitzvah should be all about FUN!

comic con gift card box      alt

  oz gift card box 

Candy or Wizard of Oz or basketball or Comic Con....

any theme can work for us to create a fun gift card box.

 sweet shop gift card box     sweet shop gift box

How about this colorful stylized ferris wheel shape with lollipops?


pretty in pink Samantha gift card box

Or maybe New York is your theme?

alt     alt

Swimming or television themed gift card boxes work too.

swim club     tv gift box

Would you like a movie or Hollywood themed gift card box.

alt    alt

Maybe you just need a super glitzy one level gift card box with glitter all over.

glitzy glittery one level box for Hannah


cruise ship   chefs hat gift card box

Fancy or simple cut out custom shapes....we can do it all....for a dance theme,  a

roller coaster amusement park theme, cooking or cruising. You name it.

alt   alt

Dance, candy, soccer and roller coasters are popular themes and

make FUN Gift Card Boxes for those party envelopes. 

soccer themed gift card box for a bat mitzvah

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