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Party Decorations, Signs and Centerpieces by Marlyss and Stacey

Foamcore cut out and layered names & InItials

foamcore cutout names for parties

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Foamcore cutout names work great for sign in boards, candlelightings, candy tables and centerpieces.

We make them in all sizes but 30" wide ones are a popular size.

We can even make them large enough for a dj backdrop.

foam core cutout names


View the difference between computer letters (less expensive) and cut out and layered names.

computer letters

Here's another example. LEFT: cutout & glittered    RIGHT: computer printed

cutout glittered name  computer name

30" Cut Out Names is the most common size.

It's perfect for Sign In Boards or Candle Lightings on a 36" base.

cut out name in cracked ice foil

We use glitter mostly but sometimes cracked ice mylar foil either on the top layer or bottom layer.

We can make them up to 8' for a DJ sign or much smaller for table centerpieces.

We can make them vertical or horizontal.

We can make any font or match your party logo.

cut out names 


Brianna name

Maybe with wood skewers to insert into styrofoam like Shanaia's or

with a back support like Stephanie's or Zoey's?


layered names


more cut out names


cut out and layered names


tree of life and other names


more names

We can even do initials.

We can do them flat and layered or 3D and

boxed in for gift card boxes. (See more gift card box ideas.)

initials as 3D cut outs and other ways

Initials as a gift card box to collect party envelopes

Here's some of our most favorite fonts.

(The word is written in the font name.)