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Party Decorations, Signs and Centerpieces by Marlyss and Stacey

For the Do It Yourselfers out there. We can help.

Scroll all the way down for our list of helpful foamcore tips.

funky notes

We can cut out multiples of star or funky notes like these to help with your centerpieces.

We can cut out letters in any font or size.

We can cut individual letters or do CUT OUT NAMES to use in your centerpieces or signs. 


cut out letters

We can cut out 21" or 36" (or larger) foamcore guitars for your rock themed party.

Visit our other website for more ideas at

We can make personalized themed bases to upgrade your own centerpieces.

party bases for table centerpieces

We can cutout shapes for you to finish in spray paints or glitter.

foamcore cutout shapes



Maybe dance is your theme? We can cut out single or multi layered dancers.

multi layered dancers

   multi layer dancers

ipod dancers

Or we can cut out large dance forms for your own costumes.

dance forms for real costumes

Here's some helpful tips we've learned along the way about working with FOAMCORE: Elmer's Colored Foam Boards, 20 x 30 Inches, 3/16-Inch Thick, Black/Black Core, 10-Count (951120)  

1. Always use a very sharp blade and change it often when cutting foamcore. I suggest #11 scapel bladles. They are easy to change out and cut very cleanly. 100 Scalpel Blades # 11 with Free Handle

2. Cut the foamcore against a soft backing like cardboard or carpeting...not 
a hard surface.

3. Use a Alvin Stainless Steel Cork Backed Ruler, 36-Inch (R590-36) to cut against for straight lines and no slipping. Don't get one too small. You need to be able to make a nice long cut without moving the ruler.

4. Use oil based paint on foamcore and it won't buckle. (Refer to #9 below). Don't use acrylics or water based paint. That is for styrofoam. Not foamcore. Spray paints also work fine.

5. Leave a white or black border around items when you 
makes them "pop". (refer to #8 as well)

6. Lightly score and bend foamcore and you can do amazing things.

7. Sometimes lightly scoring into the foamcore and then making a final
cut- thru is easier than trying to do it all at once.... especially for circles.

8. Remember the importance of "3". Things in groupings of 3 are more artistic.

Also, use at least 3 colors for everything. Use just 2 colors and things will look too plain.

Black, white, silver or gold can count as that third color and still retain
the color palette you have chosen.

 9.  1-One-Shot 5 COLOR LETTERING ENAMEL-PINSTRIPE PAINT KIT  is very compatible with foamcore and covers very well. Adding white can give loads of color variations. Also, you'll be surprised how well glitter sticks to this slow drying paint and it gives you plenty of working time.

10. And...if you are just getting started and need invitations, I suggest contacting Kim at 

Just Write Invites.