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Bar Mitzvah Gift Card Money Ideas


sports locker for gift card box for Jake

We can cut sports lockers or drum shapes....or any idea you have!

View MORE on our Pinterest Boards in specific themes.

Gift card boxes have a slot in the top for cards and a trap door on bottom.

The locker above was 18" x 15" x 12" with a 5" name.

   basketball gift box

We can make gift card boxes in many shapes. 

Some have photos. Some don't. Sometimes a party logo.

 ​ football gift card box Carl

We can make simple ones or elaborate ones. They are all fun!

3D cruise ship gift card box


racing gift box   hobby gift card box

   amp gift card box   on air gift card box

   13 gift card box   iPhone gift cards

hockey gift card box   hockey gift card box

lacrosse gift card box   lacrosse gift card box

"Eat, Sleep, Paintball"....simple version.....fancier version.

   paint ball gift card box

$85 to $150 is the average budget range. Each is custom made with foamcore.

parker bowl gift box   soccer world cup gift box


Football gift card box    Football logo gift card box

Football is a popular theme but we can work with ANY sport or theme. 

DJ Music iGifts gift card money box


For Frequently Asked Questions & Pricing about Gift Boxes, click here.