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Party Decorations, Signs and Centerpieces by Marlyss and Stacey

Candle lighting ideas


candle lighting name with diamond mesh

candy themed candle lighting centerpiece

dance silhouette candle lighting centerpiece

Candle lighting centerpieces without photos and with lots of photos...either works.

Candles can be behind or on the sides in removable holders so the centerpiece can be displayed afterwards and still part of the party. Maybe put it on the Sweet Table?

Or maybe it could be on the Placecard table first and then moved onto the table with candles when the candle lighting ceremony starts.

candle lighting ideas

We can do candle lighting centerpieces in many ways.

Vertical, horizontal, in a swirl, with 3 candles or 13-14 candles. 

The candles can be on the sides or along the back. Plain or Fancy.

plain and fancy candle lightings

3 guitars 3 candles

View more guitar and music ideas at our other site:

guitar candle lighting centerpiece

Swirl candle lighting

candle lighting swirl

Any amount of candles will work.

menorah candle lighting

pink menorah

name with flame

roller coaster centerpiece

Cirque de Soliel candle lighting

Regan Mizrahi tv candle lighting

princess candle lighting


multi hobby candle lighting

combo gift box candle lighting

Or, maybe a combination GIFT CARD BOX and CANDLE LIGHTING for either a boy or girl.beach candle lighting centerpiece

Or, a PUZZLE BOARD instead of candles? This sits on an easel.

You remove the top pieces instead of lighting candles. 

This puzzle can be cut out however many pieces you need.

Puzzle board

Ask us about designing one for you or to see other designs we've done.