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Party Decorations, Signs and Centerpieces by Marlyss and Stacey

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assorted awesome party centerpieces

We are always doing party centerpieces but other popular items are

Gift Card Boxes, Candy Table Signs and Candle Lighting Centerpieces that all co-ordinate in color and style.

gift box candy sign candle lighting that match

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assorted party decor

Some themes we have done in alphabetical order:

airplanes, alice in wonderland, american idol, art, asian, baby shower, baseball, basketball, beatles, beach, betty boop, books, bowl games, brain teasers, broadway, california, camp, candy, carousel horses, cars, cartoons, cheerleader, chicago, cinderella, circus, clowns, comedy, computers, cookie, cooking, cowboy, cruising, csi, dancers, detroit, diner, disco, dogs, drums, eighties, electronic games, emmy, espy, facebook, fairies, fashion, fifties,fire & ice, fishing, flowers, football, gambling, games, golf, graduation, graffiti, guitars, gymnastics, hall of fame, halloween, harry potter, hearts, hip hop, hockey, horse, iPhone, ipods, jennaration, jewish, jungle, karate, lacrosse, lady gaga, las vegas, locker room, love, lucy, mad magazine, magic, mardi gras & masquerade, monopoly, movies, music, nature, neon, new york, night club, olympics, oz, pajama party, palm trees, peace, picnic, pretty in pink, police, princess, pirates, Queen Mary, rich & famous, reptiles, rock wall, roller coaster, roses & lollipops,  runners, science, seuss, shoes, sixties, skateboarding, skiing, sky, snl, soccer, southwest, sports, spring, stadium, stars, superhero, sweet 16, swim, tea party, technology,  tennis, wall, western, tiffany, travel, treasure chest, tree of life, tropical, twins, under the sea, valentines, video games, wedding, winter, wonka, wrestling, xoxo, yoyo

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