Party Gift Card Boxes
to Match Your Party Theme

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We can make all sorts of shapes of Gift Card Money Boxes.



We make them for Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens, Graduations, Weddings and Birthdays. Any Event. Even a Bar Mexico!

Sometimes we make them just for cards and sometimes
they are DUAL PURPOSE like Adin's for messages as well as
gift cards....or....
First for Candle Lighting. Second for Gift cards.

These themed money boxes all have slits for envelopes.


Gift card boxes can be made with a mardi gras theme, dance, beach, picnic, 60's, the name it...we'll come up with something! 
Our most popular one is the personalized guitar amp gift card money box.




Gift card boxes can be made for location themes, sports themes like these bowling and basketball ones.
They can also be totally customized like the graduation gift card box for Ryan who is graduating from high school and moving up to college (Michigan State) or even for weddings, birthdays or sweet sixteens.


Give us your hobbies or schools and 1 or 2 pictures and we can create a one of a kind unique gift card box.





How about a GIFT CARD BOX with your hobbies or iphone?  Or a round sixties peace box?

Or, how about the "Year of the Tiger" which is a great theme for someone who was born in 1998.  But we could also make it into a "Queen of the Jungle" for a girl...maybe even for a baby shower?
Or how about something with flowers? Or something like the mailbox for a graduation box pictured below.
We can make square, round, oval or stacked gift card money boxes....all from foamcore.



Broadway themed Gift Card Money Boxes for anyone?



Sometimes we cover our Gift Card Money Boxes in fabric. Sometimes we paint and glitter them.



Big or small...elaborate or elegantly simple, we can make them all.

Simple & elegant graduation gift card money box or something
more elaborate with photos and themed decorations.


Guests can drop their congratulation cards with their gifts of
money or a check down inside the themed GIFT CARD BOX  from an opening that is placed near the top of the design.

The average price is $125-150.

We can make some in the $85 range.
(click here to see which ones fall in that price range)

(3' cruise ship is more)

They can be pretty and frilly or have a more masculine feel.

The Gift Card Boxes have a large opening at the top for big envelopes and a
"trap door" on the bottom to retrieve those cards without tearing the box.
You could then share it with a friend to use at their party or keep it for treasures
for yourself.

Order your personalized GIFT CARD BOX 
by sending us an email or calling us and 
we will make a design just for you.


Marlyss & Stacey