30" Cut out NAMES
(CLICK TO VIEW LARGER....This page is long...so please keep scrolling down)

These foamcore cut-out  names can be used on the top of
Sign In Boards  or fit perfectly on a 
36" Candle Lighting centerpiece base or can be
part of a table centerpiece.

We can make them horizontal or vertical.
We can make any font

We can make computer printed letters or individually cut out and glittered letters.

We can cut out names in just about any font you can imagine!
(Some of our favorites fonts are on the bottom of this page.)

We can do BIG LETTERS also.

(Click to view Brianna much larger.)

We do all kinds of fonts but we have our favorites.
Here are some of our favorites.
(The word is written in the 'font name'.)

But don't limit yourself. We can duplicate your party logo or come up
with a font that plays on your theme.

(After the party they could be used on a bedroom door or a decoration
on a bedroom or playroom wall.)

We may be reached by sending us an email at:

 or please feel free to call us directly at:

(we're in Michigan)