One of the items we often make are our
They add so much fun to a musical centerpiece.
These are about 8" from my pointer finger to wrist but
we can make them any size and they can even be
centerpieces (see below).

We can make bases for you.
I  believe that the centerpiece base should be a major design
element in the total centerpiece look. Not only should it have function, it's a great opportunity to have flair.

Square works great...but....

If you're Doin' It Yourself and need something different to put your "idea" on, we can send you out some of our octagon bases. We can also cut a hole in the center of the base and send you a 24" clear pvc pole for you to elevate your own centerpiece design...similar to the guitar on the bottom right.

Send us an email if you are interested in ordering these bases. or click the link at the bottom of this page.

We can cut shapes like these guitars or letters like
these below. This font was called 'chorizo' but we
can do a large variety of fonts and even match
your party logo.

We can send things plain white or glittered or covered
in a variety of other materials.

Big funky notes can be a simple table centerpiece.

Recycle those dance costumes into cute centerpieces!
We can help.

We can send you white foamcore figures for you to recycle used
dance costumes into party centerpieces.

Give me a call (248-669-3622) or email (
for the help you need.

You can see some more photos  in my

Here's some helpful tips we've learned along the way:

1. Always use a very sharp blade and change it often when cutting foamcore.

2. Cut the foamcore against a soft backing like cardboard or carpeting...not
a hard surface.

3. Use a cork backed ruler to cut against for straight lines and no slipping.
4. Use oil based paint on foamcore and it won't buckle.

5. Leave a white or black border around items when you
makes them "pop". (refer to #8 as well)

6. Lightly score and bend foamcore and you can do amazing things.

7. Sometimes lightly scoring into the foamcore and then making a final
cut- thru is easier than trying to do it all at once.... especially for circles.

8. Remember the importance of "3". Things in groupings of 3 are more artistic.

Also, use at least 3 colors for everything. Use just 2 colors and things will look too plain. Black, white, silver or gold can count as that third color and still retain
the color palette you have chosen.

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